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Introducing 3D Creator AC Power Cord

INEX has just improved from Harmonic Tech Magic Ref. II power cord to 3D Creator AC Power Cord, which can isolate the crosstalk and noise coming from AC power source. This is different technology than common AC noise filter or AC power conditioner on the market. This Power Cord makes the overall music frequency response and sense of hearing becomes so much perfect.

This power cord incorporates INEX i-Pure AC module, which uses amplitude discriminator to eliminate noise and crosstalk (small amplitude signal); only let pure AC power (big amplitude signal) pass. INEX 3D Creator AC Power Cord could get even better performance by using INEX Fiber Optics cable, furthermore to isolate the signal path ground loop. That means:

  • Replace basic power cord with 3D Creator AC power cord in particular in the source component, PREAMP or DAC
  • Replace the classic interconnect cables or classic digital cable with INEX Photon cable
  • The Photon cable with optional i-Pure DC power supply which could eliminate the signal path ground loop problems

You will have the best reproduction recording audio system in the world.

Click here for detial specs about 3D Creator AC Power Cord

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INEX Innovation Team

The first word that came to my mind when I started listening to the Inex system was "transparent."

Michael Wechsberg, Positive Feedback

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Trade-In Program for New Photon Cables and
3D Creator Power Cords

Send your old cables/cords to trade-in with our newest cables and
power cords

In the past ten years, INEX Innovation developed and manufactured Photon cables and Magic Reference power cords for Harmonic Technology. INEX Innovation dedicates to invent and develop high-end audio components and systems by using new cutting edge technologies. Our goal is to provide the best audio experiences to all audiophiles.

We recently decided to use our own name brand to launch our newly developed Photon Cables and 3D Creator Power Cords onto the market. The new products have got excellent feedback from prestigious reviewers. To promote INEX new products, we are pleased to announce our trade-in program: send your old cables/cords for new Photon Cables and 3D Creator Power Cords. Please click the Trade-In Quote button to fill out the trade-in form, and we will inform you the trade-in value and your price for new dream products by e-mail. No trade-in?? No problem!! Please click the Promo Quote button.

Please contact us if you need additional information.


INEX Innovation Team

Trade-In Quote Promo Quote

* The price does not include Import Tax, VAT, Freight costs and customs broker fee required to export outside of the U.S.

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Inex Innovation ® was built in 2004 by a team of audio enthusiasts. Most of us have strong engineering backgrounds in the field of fiberoptics and telecommunication. We commit to bring you the true sounds via the latest technical breakthrough. We are introducing the preamplifier (Photon PreAmp), power amplifier with speaker cable (Photon AmpliCable) and interconnect audio cables (Photon Link, AMP and Digital Cables) made by lasers, fibers and advanced fiber optic components. These audio products are built with high-end telecommunication fiber optic technologies along with years of audio product experience. Our goal is to promote the entire audio world to next level by our core competence.

Inex Innovation is excited to introduce the newest breakthrough in technology to hit the audio/video industry - patented fiber optic cables that can carry analog signals without the use of analog-to-digital or digital-to-analog conversions. The Photon series utilize high audio-grade fiber optic cables within the signal path to prevent any interferences and impedance interaction problems and ensures the music is preserved in its most natural form.

Through the use of telecommunication grade fiber and the patented technologies, the audio signal path remains completely immune to stray signals and noise from external sources including electrical equipment, radio frequency interference (RFI) source, cell phones, wireless equipment and electro-magnetic interference (EMI) source without the need of additional shielding used in conventional copper or silver wires. Traveling at the speed light, the signal is unrestrained or suppressed due to the physical nature of ordinary copper wires, and thus allowing it to preserve all the natural harmonics and to recreate the airiness and multi-dimensional acoustics of the music.

The result is a much deeper soundstage, much more micro dynamics and blacker background. The authenticity and transparent nature of the Photon series cables allows a wide range of components (CDs, amplifiers, DACs, and more) to perform at their full potential. Come and experience this new breakthrough technology and discover your system again.


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